It's all about you APPLICATION

Design your own version of the Lodz Design Festival 2013 layout! Please use the It's all about you application. Enjoy! Read more


Wallpaper magazine about Lodz Design Festival!

"Poland’s third largest city is offering first rate temptations" more: Read more


LDF 2013 Layouts publication!

“Working on the layout of this year edition of Lodz Design Festival, we’ve made an attempt to create an easy language of symbols. The project’s grammar developed by us creates a place for recipients' statements. An Read more



Empathy is one of the most important attributes of a designer with a deeply humanistic approach to their work. By listening to the needs of people for whom they work and create products, they solve the real problems – including Read more



Inhabitation or speculations on how the living space is arranged and who makes decisions about it. IN-HABITATION. Garden city, gated city is an exhibition prepared by the Read more

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