Breaking Lodz

unnamedOn 25.11.2015 at 13:00 in Tektura, Art Inkubator, Tymienieckiego 3 we invite you to the presentation of “Breaking Lodz” project.
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“Łódź, Lodz or the boat (as it is translated into English) despite the inexistence of a main river, is a city with much more to offer than just a tricky name to pronounce. Indeed, along the streets, the former factories of the 19th century textile empire are still proudly standing. Some of them are brilliantly rehabilitated, and the other ones are waiting in the shadow whereas the time is consuming them. The first contact with this central Polish town might not be labelled as love at first sight, but its unusual atmosphere will make you wonder. Walking around the different neighbourhoods, you can observe bricks which beyond their neglecting aspect are rich in stories and history. Over the decades, they have been the witnesses of the construction of an industry, its ascent and finally its decline, but they might now become part of a new impulse that was initiated in the city a few years ago. You cannot stop in front of these red walls and miss the chance to meet the past, the present and, inevitably, the future of a non-well known place. By navigating through the pages of this catalogue you can take part in our quest to understand how this ship was able to go through storms, not to sink and still appear like getting ready for its forthcoming journey. The words and the pictures have been combined to bring to light the unexpected and pleasant discoveries Lodz has to show. They are the results of enriching visits, researches and meetings with part of the talented people who, thanks to their creativity and involvement, seem to give back a bit of the missing wind needful for the sails of the boat, which is not willing to remain at the dock.”

unnamed (1)“BREAKING LODZ” is a pilot project from the Łódź Art Center connected with the promotion of the city strategy as a creative industry state.
It is the result of a work of an international team shaped in a catalogue divided in two parts. The first part belongs to the historical aspect, which we were able to create after a short research through the internet and various publications. In the second part, six icons from Lodz are introduced. The idea was to show how the industrial background of this town has had a big influence in their creativity and in the development of their own projects. But it is more about how than what. Designers, architects, entrepreneurs and publishers had grown up in a context where there was a shortage of things. They had the need to create by their hands. Back to nowadays, they are trying to maintain this idea throughout a big sort of perspectives. They built up their own unique and outstanding projects with the print of Lodz and following an international career. Their stories are interleaved with few emblematic places, which we chose as dominants with influence, on the city, its citizens and the creative industry.

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