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Next. Debate on Trends

Young people set changes

Lecturer: Michał Stachowski
Date: 17.10 (Saturday), 13:00-15:30
Location: Festival Centre 1, Tymienieckiego Street 3, lecturer room

More and more young people, who use modern technologies every day become customers of furniture industry.
What is their influence on the furniture industry? How does the industry change under their influence? How can it prepare
for a next generation of customers that are already visiting their stores?


Welcome to diverse decade!

Lecturer: Aleksandra Krawsz
Date: 17.10 (Saturday), 13:00–15:30
Location: Festival Centre 1, Tymienieckiego Street 3, lecturer room

Kinnarps presents the latest edition of report about trends that will have the greatest impact on how our office will function
and look in the near future. We live in a decade of diversity , because today’s work environment is now becoming increasingly diverse. Diversity is a prominent theme throughout the report that covers how future workspaces can satisfy
the needs and demands from different generations, personalities and genders but also because of the preferred work style
or form of employment You are welcome!

Aleksandra Krawsz is working as Marketing & PR Manager at Kinnarps Poland since 2000, belonging to the Swedish company Kinnarps AB – the largest supplier of office solutions in Europe. She is responsible for marketing and communications strategy on the Polish market. Aleksandra is also a member of the “Kinnarps Trend Watch Team” and an expert on the concept
of “Kinnarps Next Office”.

LAKO. Tailor-made lighting fittings

Lecturer: Klaudia Konsor-Osmęda LAKO, Monika Grojec, KWADRAT DESIGN STUDIO

Created, changed, selected for you. Passion and love of details. LAKO.


17.10 Saturday
13:00 - 15:30
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Festival Centre 1, lecture room
Tymienieckiego 3
Łódź, 90-360 Polska
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