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Networks – new, urban space of Gdynia, 2015

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Centrum Designu Gdynia
Curators: Jacek i Paulina Ryń, Grupa Projektowa Razy2
Prototypes authors: Nomad Things, Kraków | Marina Mellado, Madryt | VormLab, USA/Kraków | Mikołaj Smoleński, Wrocław | DingFlux Asia Piaścik, Warszawa | Witamina D Projekt, Gdańsk | Studio Robot, Warszawa | Grupa Projektowa Razy2, Gdynia

Networks is this year’s main exhibition of Gdynia Design Days, explicitly refers to the city’s network structure and tries to use design to improve its condition. By this exhibition, it’s curators are approaching the issue of building and improving urban structures: ranging from schemes supporting entrepreneurs by using new technologies and ending with adjusting the public space to the changing lifestyle. The exhibition, by default embedded in urban needs, in the words of its curators – Paulina and Jacek Ryń – is focused on social relations and urban activities. As a result, the topic “Network” grabs the designers in the characteristic urban ambiguity.

The dynamism of urban life makes certain processes and social relations become invisible in the public space or inevitably – marginalized. Two project groups were invited to interpret this year’s exhibition theme have noticed this phenomenon. Projects are talking about restored the small trade to the public space. In this way, we begin the discussion whether it is possible/necessary to find system utilities regulating their operations in the rigor of urban structures.

The dynamics of change in city are reflected in our daily choices. Other projects are a reflection of the contemporary typically urban lifestyle. You can notice the multitasking of modern life and reflection on progressive social change. The designers have also raised the topic of redefining the relationship between man and nature. Is there any natural environment in the city?

Design in a city must be used to develop solutions for local problems and to improve the quality of life. One of the challenges faced by the cities is the correct diagnosis of such problems and formulating them in ways to which design can respond.

Text: Barbara Marchwicka


08.10 Thursday
18:00 - 21:00
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Festival Centre 1, A022
Tymienieckiego 3
Łódź, 90-365 Polska
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