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Speculative Sensing

Presenters: Agata Kiedrowicz, Hendrik-Jan Grievink
For whom: designers, journalists, researchers, humanists and everyone who’s interested in critical and speculative aspects
of design
Number of participants: 30
When: 10.10 (Saturday), 11:00-16:00
16:30-17:30 – presentation of the results
Where: Festival Centre 1, Tymienieckiego Street 3, room A120
Fee: Multi-entrance ticket required
Enrollment: on-line registration required

ATTENTION! The workshop will be held in English

Why do technologies so often seem only half-realized versions of the brilliant dreams we actually have? Isn’t our glimmering mobile phone merely a watered-down materialization of the dream of telepathic communication? And why actually aren’t we able to smell in the digital realm?

During this workshop, we are going to actively explore design for the senses in a highly speculative way. We will dream up scenarios that seem fantastic at first, but actually give clear directions to the development of future services and experiences, resulting in a more fulfilling technological environment in which our senses are truly acknowledged. A central idea here will be the Pyramid of Technology, a conceptual model that explores how technology becomes nature in a series of seven successive steps. This Pyramid of Technology facilitates a profound discussion around a more inclusive understanding of technology, and serves both as a method for critical analysis as well as a speculative design thinking tool for innovative strategies.


Agata Kiedrowicz designs content, situations, experiences. Author of publications and interviews in the area of fashion, design, art. Journalist who cooperates with FUTU, Monitor Magazine, also lead author of heading “Tastes of the Design” in the weekly Kultura Liberalna.pl. She is interested in broadly understood design as a tool for exploration and critique of reality and broadening the field of sensory experience of the world. The author and coordinator of social and educational projects, including Wielkopolska: Revolutions (Wielkopolska Marshal’s Office) with Monika Jakubiak and Paweł Grobelny. It works with cultural institutions, art galleries, artists, NGOs. Co-organizer of the interdisciplinary conference “Invisible DESIGN”. Recently, she combines humanistic thoughts and design in the Poznan School of Form. It also deals with research trends and publications by image for brands from the fashion and design.

Hendrik-Jan Grievink is an Amsterdam-based designer and art director of Next Nature Network, a non-profit organization that explores how technology becomes our next nature through design research and cross-media publications. Among his works are Fake for Real (a memory game on the tensed relation between reality and simulation, BIS publishers 2007), the NANO Supermarket (a traveling exhibition-disguised-as-supermarket that presents speculative future technologies, ongoing) the book Next Nature: Nature Changes Along With Us (Actar, 2012) and the In Vitro Meat Cookbook (a design fiction project that explores the future of meat, BIS publishers 2014). Hendrik-Jan produces conceptual models for design thinking, such as the Pyramid of Technology, a model which speculates how technology becomes nature in seven steps and leads workshops in which these models are put to work. He teaches design research at ArtEZ institute for the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands and is co-organiser of the Summer Sessions, a mobile summerschool program with editions in Lithuania, Beijing (China) and Detroit (USA).


10.10 Saturday
11:00 - 16:00
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Festival Centre 1, room A120
Tymienieckiego 3
Łódź, 90-360 Polska
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