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Trend. Fashion. Need


Organizer: Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz
Curator: Katarzyna Lewoc
Programme Board: Krzysztof Chróścielewski, Tomasz Olszyński, Anna Wrzesień, Marcin Nowak, Michał Szulc

Trend. Existing direction of development in any field.
Fashion. Short-term popularity of something new in any field.
Need. A sense of failure, act as a factor inducing the individual to take activities that can satisfy this need.

The quality of project activities can be assessed in terms of three fundamental criteria: trend, fashion or need. Some of the work responds to the issues individually, some attempts to find a place in each field.

This year exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz took those terms as a main headlines. During selection Jury took them as indicators, so presented projects are a comment on existing issues.


09.10 Friday @ 10:00
18.10 Sunday @ 19:00
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Festival Centre 1, C2
Tymienieckiego 3
Łódź, 90-360 Polska
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