Designer Zone

In the Designer Zone, we will present innovative tools and solutions useful in the work of designers and architects. As part of the presentations, trainings session and workshops, the visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the software for architects made by CAD Projekt K&A, multimedia presentation of CATIA – the world’s leading solution for product design in 3D, as well as to take a look at trends in the interior design space of Paradyż Group. The booth of the Institute of Industrial Design will present a program called “Design – Business – Profit”, which helps to create professional business solutions, necessary for the smooth implementation of industrial design into production.

The Designer Zone will take place during the second weekend of the festival (16-18.10.2015) in the Festival Centre 2 on Piotrkowska Street 250.

The initiator and co-founder of Designer Zone is CAD Projekt K&A

Paradyż Group
CAD Projekt K&A
Institut of Industrial Design co. Ltd