lectures & meetings


Next. Debate on Trends/
Host: Diana Nachiło
Natural beauty in modern interiors and design/ Host: Dorota Koziara
Design, form, technology. How to combine them?/ Hosts: Artur Śleziak, Piotr Kalinowski
The light fitting as a key element of interior design/ Host: Monika Grojec
Diagnosis of the state of design in Poland in 2015. Programs to support entrepreneurs/ Host: Agnieszka Haber, Izabela Banaś
The anatomy of chair. Kuchciński, Kowalski, Okińczyc, Rygalik/ Host: Katarzyna Briks
Where is the key to the designer`s successfull career path- we will try to help you find one
The meeting and business-matching with IDZ Berlin / Organizer: IDZ Berlin
Solution focused, not problem phobic: another way of thinking and acting/ Host: Peter Musschoot
Reprogramming the City: Opportunities for Urban Infrastructure/ Host: Scott Burnham
Speculative Sensing/ Host: Agata Kiedrowicz, Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Design for Public Good – Health, Wealth and Prosperity/ Hosts: Martyn Evans, David Hands, John Chrisholm
Eco-city initiave, an urban approach to sustainable development/ Hosts: Sébastien Durrmeyer, Louise Williams
Visual standarisation of public space/Host: Tomasz Tobys
Trend meeting. Feel Free. The results of research about freedom under the patronage of the Trend Book/ Host: Diana Nachiło (meble.pl)
House&Interior Icons/ Host: Anna Grużewska
Luxury in Polish interiors/ Host:Małgorzata Tomczyk (Dobre Wnętrze)
In the experience network – investor-inspiration-designer /Host: Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc (M jak Mieszkanie)
Architecture, environment and teamwork: challenges for ambitious one/ Hosts: Bartłomiej Kisielewski (Horizone Studio), Jan Malkiewicz (Ericpol), Piotr Jóźwiak (Ericpol)
Creating strategies based on design. From design thinking to design management/ Host: Anna Wróblewska (Concordia Design)
Idea of socially responsible architecture, Roosevelta 22/ Host: Natalie de Vries (MVRDV)
Another point of seatHosts: Johan Lindstén and representatives of the factory Johanson Design: Per-Ake Johnsson, Oxana Logacheva


Presentation of results of Speculative Sensing workshops/ Host: Agata Dąbrowska, Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Meaning of the chair / Host: Tomasz Rygalik (Paged and Agata Meble)
Architekturki – the process of creation/ Host: Agnieszka Szulejewska, Robert Czajka
“Moje mieszkanie” Open Day
Business-matching with IDZ Berlin