Rest Zone

During Lodz Design Festival, in both Festival Centres is prepared Rest Zone where all visitors can take a break from exhibitions and read some publications about design etc.

At Piotrkowska Str 250, you can find reading room filled with magazines and books about interior design, the latest trends and technologies. Also, you can take part in lectures and meetings taking place in the reading room. Right next to it is Designer Zone and Young Zone.

At Tymienieckiego 3, Human Touch Group, prepared a space where you can check out the innovative products and relax. In Concordia Taste Zone you will have the opportunity to try snacks and to drink Prosecco. There is also a café in Art_Inkubator where you can order coffee or something to eat.

In both Festival Centres you can receive free, special issue of Architektura Murator and Dobre Wnętrze.