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Ever faster changing world is a constant source of inspiration and challenges for designers. The consequences of technological, social or cultural changes are reflected in producing everyday objects.

Never before in history have we been surrounded by so many man-made objects. They are ubiquitous. They accompany us from the moment of conception until our death. But we seldom reflect on how great is the impact they have on our daily functioning. What makes a product timeless? How are designers trying to solve the problems affecting people living in different societies? How are new technologies and social trends changing the way designers work? These are the questions which were the inspiration for the exhibition presented at this year’s festival.

The “Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things” exhibition prepared by the Vitra Design Museum, is a showcase of timeless items that often invisibly change our lives. Based on the idea of simplicity and ingenuity, unchanged for decades, they accompany us responding to our daily needs. Due to their constancy, efficient use of materials and utility they are outstanding examples of durability, functionality and aesthetics. The exhibition consists of 36 classics along with a description of their history and an analysis of their relevance to the modern world.

The “Consequences” exhibition presents objects created in response to significant problems faced by contemporary society. The exhibition will enable viewers to trace the production process of presented products and a reflect on the biggest risks and challenges facing designers creating them. Admiring the effect of their work everyone will be able to assess the extent to which they were able to respond to the real needs of users.

The “Release the Project” initiative is a reflection on a new model of production and distribution of material goods, based on the Creative Commons license and the relationship that you establish with local artisan-manufacturers. The presented approach to the subject and production is an attempt to explore the “folk” and “tradition” in a way that does not just refer to reproduce folk ornaments. “Release the Project” is a reflection on our relationship with objects, their production and use.

Main Programme:

Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things

Release Project