LDF 2015 – Programme


The world is changing faster and faster and is a constant source of inspiration and challenges for designers. The consequences of technological, social and cultural changes are reflected in objects which are created every day. During this year’s Lodz Design Festival, which will be held from the 8th till the 18th of October, you will be able to see projects that tell the story of this process.

For the first time in Poland, as a part of the LDF 2015, we will present the “Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things” exhibition, prepared by the Vitra Design Museum. This is a presentation of timeless items that often invisibly change our lives. Based on the idea of simplicity and ingenuity, they meet our daily needs and have accompanied us in unaltered form for decades. Due to their constancy, efficient use of materials and great utility, they are the utmost examples of sustainability and functional aesthetics. 36 of these everyday classics will be presented at the exhibition, along with their history and analysis of the enormous significance they have today.

Especially for this year’s edition of the festival, we have prepared an exhibition entitled “Consequences” – a collection of selected objects designed as a response to major problems, faced by contemporary society. At the exhibition we will not only be able to trace the formation process of the presented objects, but also consider the greatest threats and challenges faced by designers who create them. Observing the effect of their work, everyone will be able to assess the extent with which they were able to respond to the real needs of users.

The “Release Project” initiative is a reflection on a new model of production and distribution of material goods, based on the Creative Commons license and user relationships with local craftsman-manufacturer. The presented approach to the subject and production is an attempt to explore the “folklore” and “tradition”, in a way that goes beyond reproduction of folk ornaments. “Release Project” is a reflection on our relationship to objects, process of their preparation and use.

There are many accompanying events planned in the Festival programme, including projects devoted to Lodz, where the goal is to propose solutions that improve the quality of life for residents. The “Reprogramming the City” project is an exploration of the hidden potential of the city, testing existing but unused infrastructure and an attempt to prototype solutions, which utilize the features of the metropolis differently than originally assumed. The project, already implemented in selected cities across the US and Europe, this time will come to Lodz! As a part of LDF 2015 there will be workshops and research, including Scott Burnham’s project. The effects of this project will be available later, as a result of year-round work of the author and invited designers, and will be presented during the next edition of the festival. On the other hand, during a multi-day workshop “Mapping the City”, two leaders together with a group of participants will analyze local visual identity and its impact, both on Lodz and its inhabitants. The final product of the workshop will be published on-line and as a paper magazine, presenting the results of work of the project group.

Consequently, since the first edition of the festival, we hold the make me! contest. Objects chosen and presented at the post-competition exhibition are not only the best works of young artists, but also a chance to get acquainted with the themes which may interest designers in the coming years.

The recipient of the annual Paradyż Award – the main award in the amount of 20 000 zl – will be announced on the 8th of October during the Opening Ceremony of Lodz Design Festival.

Another constant point of the festival is must have – a contest and exhibition, both already established as a recognizable mark of quality. It is a collection of the best Polish projects put into production, which are selected and then popularized. The contest was conceived in order to show and promote Polish design and business.

Traditionally, a large part of the program is prepared for the youngest participants, including Edukreacja – a series of events, which becomes more successful with each edition of the Festival. The organizers care about the comfort of not only adults, but also children, making Lodz Design Festival an interesting event for all. The Paradyż Land is a place where children will be able to develop their talents by participating in workshops, as well as spend time creatively in the drawing room or plan a tour around Lodz with a specially developed guide called nieMAPA. In addition, they will have the chance to participate in guided tours and board games, therefore our younger guests can find something interesting too.

The festival will happen around almost a dozen points on the map of Lodz. Many of the events will be held in intriguing, characteristic post-industrial spaces, such as Księży Młyn or OffPiotrkowska. Similarly to last year, there are two main locations – Art_Inkubator on Tymienieckiego Street 3 and former weaving mill of Marcus Silberstein on Piotrkowska Street 250. Their arrangement is prepared by Katarzyna Lewoc (2×3 creative studio) and Paweł Lewoc (Pawilon architects), in collaboration with its partners: the Wilson & Brown company and Florabo.

Organization of the Lodz Design Festival 2015 is possible thanks to the cooperation with the City of Lodz and long-term patron – Ceramika Paradyż.

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