Lodz Design 2015 Festival Centres Arrangement

ŁDF 2015_aranżacja CF2_3Following the motto of the 9th edition of Lodz Design Festival, the arrangement will also show consequence in its story about materials. At the Festival Centre 2 on Piotrkowska Street 250, we tell a tale about wood (from a rough, raw material to paper) and metal, while in the Art_Inkubator (Festival Centre 1) we present plastics. By this project we want to make the audience realize how much of the most popular materials are used in design. Post-industrial architecture, so characteristic for Lodz, will be enriched by unusual spatial installations made from materials supplied by Kronopol and produced by Willson&Brown, the main contractor for the festival arrangement. The original configuration of green, breathable walls is designed together with the Florabo brand and will create not only a unique setting for this year’s edition of the festival, but in a very meaningful way it presents the results of studies on air quality in office spaces.

Two, young design offices from Lodz are responsible for the entire arrangement: 2x3studiokreatywne and a PAWILON architects. These offices specialize in complex design of exhibition spaces and interior design.


„299 million tons of plastics was produced in the world in 2013”*.

Production of plastics, although it raises a lot of controversy, is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In the European Union it is one of the five most innovative sectors, rensponsible for 4% of all patent applications in the period of 2003-2012**.

In Europe, the largest area of use of plastics is the packaging segment, which consumes 39.6% of them. The second largest sector is the construction industry – 20.3%. For designing the arrangement of the Festival Centre on Tymienieckiego Street 3, we used SWISS CDF, curtains and pipes made from PCV, styrofoam and polyurethane frothed foam. A special attraction of the arrangement in FC1 will be the world premiere of the Tulli seat, designed by Tomek Rygalik for NOTI, made by rotomoulding.

ŁDF 2015_aranżacja CF2_2


We can obtain 60 kg of paper from only one tree – it’s 85 000 sheets of paper.
(Confederation of European Paper Industries www.cepi.com)

World’s consumption of paper raise to 400 million of tons in 2012.
(Confederation of European Paper Industries www.cepi.com)

1666 million of tons of steel was produced in 2014.
(Worldsteel Association „Steel Statistical Yearbook 2014”)

One hectare of broadleaf forest can produce approx. 700 kg of oxygen, which is a daily demand of more than 2500 humans. To produce 1 ton of paper, you need to cut an average of 17 trees. One tree produces enough oxygen for 10 persons per year ***.

Currently, a large part of metal production in the world comes from recycling – eg. 30% of copper and aluminum comes from recycled scrap, and in case of steel scrap this level reaches about 40%. In 2011 Poland produced 8.7 million tons of steel, of which about 5 million tonnes is the result of recycling, which represents almost 60% of production ****.

For designing the arrangement of the Festival Centre 2 we used, among others:

raw chipboard of Kronopol, cardboard sleeve, metal hobbocks, wire fence and

chairs made from metal and wood designed by polish companies.

www.2x3studio.com , www.pawilonarchitekci.com

* “Association of Plastics Manufacturers PlasticEurope,, Plastics – Facts 2014”
** European House Ambrosetti, 2013
*** www.energiazodpadow.pl
**** Chamber of Commerce Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling, “The
importance of recycling scrap metal for the Polish economy”


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