make me! – deadline: 12.07.2015

This is a competition for talented designers aged 20 to 35 from all over the world. It gives them a chance to see how good they are and to show their ideas to a large audience. The jury panel to give recognition awards and the main prize consists of international experts who keep looking for fresh and creative concepts. The value of the main prize is EUR 5,000. Other awards include international travel grants, an opportunity to give an interview to be published by magazines such as Elle Decoration or designer furniture. The work of the most gifted and talented students who represent the community of Polish designers of the future is exhibited after the competition.
In 2012 the jury panel was composed of: Gian Luca Amadei (Blueprint Magazine), Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Paweł Pomorski (Malafor design studio), Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka (School of Form), Małgorzata Żmijska (Łódź Design Festival Programme Director), Konrad Jerin (the editor-in-chief of F5).

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must have

This is more than just a poll or an exhibition. It is a project we have developed to make year after year a meaningful contribution towards showing and promoting Polish design and enhancing relationships between artists, producers and viewers. It shall serve as an opportunity for the latter to give shape to their artistic sensibility through experiencing the best Polish designs. must have is a poll where the Council of Experts selects the best-designed Polish products. It is there to remind us that we also have a lot to be proud of. Based on submitted application material we select the most creative and inspiring projects and we show them together in a special exhibition during Łódź Design Festival.

open programme – year-long recruitment

It offers space for presentation of exhibitions, installations and design projects submitted for the programme by international designers. We are open to ideas and suggestions from everyone. Year after year we continued to receive more and more inquiries from potential entrants interested in showing their work at the Festival, therefore we developed the open programme which is open to all artists.
The variety of forms, genres and presentation techniques adds value to this section. From multimedia presentations and sound installations to traditional exhibition forms – this is how curators and artists contribute to widening the context of design exploration. A specially appointed jury is responsible for the selection process and determines the most interesting works to be shown during the Festival.

When submitting the project, don’t forget that:

– submitted projects may be group presentations, works of a single author or single projects, however, they must comply with the criteria for single presentations,

– submitted projects should represent a closed curator’s concept and be provided with a clear description, including any elements necessary for exhibiting the project (necessary surface, interior conditions, other specific requirements (if any), any additional equipment).

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