The deliberations of the LDF 2014 Programme Council

20140203_120952Today (3.02.) is THE day! The first meeting of the Lodz Design Festival’s Programme Council is taking place this very moment in the Państwomiasto cafe in Warsaw. The council consists of:

Tomek Rygalik (Studio Rygalik)
Agnieszka Jacobson (School of Form)
Jan Sukiennik (137 kilo)
Magda Kochanowska (Wydział Wzornictwa ASP Warszawa)
Rene Wawrzkiewicz (STGU / Design Critique Platform)
Małgosia Żmijska (LDF)
Michał Piernikowski (LDF)
Andrzej Leśniak (UW).

We invite you to visit Lodz Design Festival 2014 and we are pleased to announce that this year’s motto is “Brave New World“! Follow us to get to know more about our theme and put us on your calendar for 10/9-19/2014!
We would like to thank Państwomiasto cafe for offering space for the meeting.